SNS Male Inspiration Hamper Unboxing

Don’t you just love to take care of yourself once in a while? I can’t be the only one excited to try new things as little as a new teeth whitener or a new shampoo.

And that’s why today I’m very excited to announce that I am collaborating with SocialNetworkSolutions to bring you some ‘fall inspiration’!

Long story short, SocialNetworkSolutions has also partnered up with some brands as well and all of that resulted in a huge package at my door ready for me to open and express my thoughts on each item that was in it.

vlad vaida (1 of 14)Note: below the products, you will find links to the brand’s social media channels and website + some, have promo codes as well.

Skincare Industries – Adam Revolution

When I first saw the package I was like.. meeh, something basic. BUT I WAS WRONG. If you open the box (see photos below) you will see the actual packaging and it’s just so great and high quality! I am currently using this moisturizer since 2 days-ish and it does kind of make my skin feel great. And a bonus, it smells good as well.

Skincare Industries

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 Hawkins & Brimble – Shampoo and Conditioner
I’ve been wanting to try a new shampoo brand and this came on time – I think it’s great as of 1. my hair was left clean and light and 2. it also left my hair smell heavenly.
The shampoo contains coconut oil which will definitely make your hair shiny and smooth.
And also, the conditioner contains Provitamin B5 and ginger extract, which will both treat your hair nice.
The rest of the ingredients are all natural for both shampoo and conditioner.
Hawkins and Brimble

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The Miller’s Beard Shampoo Bar & Beard Oil – The Brighton Beard Company

I haven’t had the chance to try them as I don’t have a ‘solid’ beard yet but judging by their amazing reviews I’ve seen online, I do recommend them 🙂

The Brighton Beard Company


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Activated Charcoal – Pro Teeth Whitening 

Ahh, I’m super excited about this one as of I love taking care of my teeth and this is basically my first teeth whitening product I have ever tried. I have done my research on this specific product and I can say that it’s absolutely safe for your teeth if done as they recommend.

Pro Teeth Whitening

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Tied Together 

TiedTogether has sent me a package with a tie, bow tie and a pair of socks. I don’t get to have lots of occasions to wear a tie/bow tie but dang it, the socks are like the best! So soft, comfortable and keeps my feet warm, perfect for the fall. Everything is really high quality – the ties are 100% silk and the socks are cotton rich (73% cotton)! They are just great 🙂

Tied Together

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Swole Panda – Socks

As I said, I always appreciate a good pair of socks and I’m saying this again, those are great and I’m not saying it because they have sent it to me… they are actually great. They are just so soft, cozy and warm… but also lightweight. All I know is that my feet are feeling good but I just forget that I’m wearing socks. I highly recommend 🙂

Swole Panda

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Cuartee – Panda Shirt

I love getting new shirts and I also love this specific shirt! I’ve seen on their site that they have a huge variety of creative shirts… for example, this one has a panda which makes a heart symbol.


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Charles Farris – Cloves, Tobacco & Mint Tea Scented Candle

Remember when I said that it’s great to take care of yourself once in a while?! This candle can do wonders! Just light it up and you’ll have a great relaxing atmosphere whether you are alone or with someone else.

Charles Farris:
Discount – SOCIAL20 for 20% off entire order (valid one time per customer)

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Kovered – iPhone Tewa Bamboo Flip Case

Phone cases are my weakness haha! This case is brilliant for those of you who like flip cases, it has a nice ‘invisible’ magnet on the sides so you won’t have to worry about keeping it shut. Also, the design is amazing too (See photos below)



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So this was my unboxing for this fall Male Inspiration Hamper — I’m so excited to keep using these products, I’ll keep you posted on my social media channels on what I think about them after I’ll keep using them consistently for the next few weeks!

Also, thank you so much SocialNetworkSolutions for sending me all these products 🙂

What is your favorite product?!