How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Whether it’s in real life or online – so many people ask me this question, HOW DO I GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM? After gaining about 70k followers this past year, I thought I could share the easiest and practical ways anyone could use and be successful.

The first 10k is the hardest, in my opinion. That’s when we are all struggling the most.

Instagram for me… and actually most of my social media channels – are my creative outlet. That’s where I express my thoughts. Instagram is more special because I enjoy taking photos and after getting to 10,000 – the thought that so many people are appreciating my work was quite great.

A practice that is well known on Instagram is buying followers – I’m not gonna tell you to buy followers. I don’t even really understand why people would buy followers with so many great free techniques out there that if you apply, it will help you gain niche specific followers interested in your content. And also, anyone can see when you’re buying followers, even brands. It’s 2017.

So, let’s dig in!

# Content

Keep your content aligned with your niche and before that, make sure that the picture you post, is the best.

You have the Internet at the tip of your fingers – if you shoot a flat lay and don’t know how to arrange stuff, you can google a tutorial. If you are stuck in the editing process, you can literally find so many tutorials. That’s basically how I do it too.  Over time you will find a style of your own and you won’t need anyone else’s instructions on how to make your own content.

However, most people like bright posts so I highly recommend you to edit the image and add a bit of brightness and also some extra highlights, using the Instagram pre-posting editing tools.

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# Hashtags & Caption

You have the perfect photo, but also make sure you have the right set of hashtags and make that sure you are using all the 30. Think of it as – one hashtag – one chance to be discovered. The set of hashtags has to match the picture and its content and if you want a cleaner look, post the hashtags in the first comment within 1 minute after posting. After 10 comments, the hashtags will be hidden and you’ll have to scroll in the comments section to see them so you won’t won’t look ‘spammy’.

# Engage and engage more

Engage with anyone that leaves you comments or likes. I personally try to reply to every comment I get on my most recent photos.

You could also try to keep your most engaged followers happy by engaging with their photos, you can check who your most engaged followers are on

You should also engage with your potential audience too that can be found wherever your target audience is. For example, gym lovers will be found at the hashtag #gym. You can also target your audience outside Instagram, on different forums like Reddit. And why not, you can also get a blog and drive audience to your profile.


# Be A Part Of Your Community

Be a part of the community that you want to be followed by – ok so you are in the men’s lifestyle niche, make sure that you like and comment other’s people posts that can be found in the set of hashtags you are using for your own pictures.

Instagram has a new option to like comments – every time your comment is liked, you get a notification letting you know WHO liked it as well. Use this tool to grow. Go to your favorite accounts that align with your own niche, and like the comments their audience leave. The logic is that – You’re in a Men’s lifestyle niche, you go to another user in the same niche and like its comments – The commenters will get a notification that you liked their comment and it’s highly possible they will also check your account and follow you or engage with your photos.

You can do a lot of actions per day and its actually time-consuming, but worth it!

# Know Your Audience

Think of your audience as one single person – and then try to keep looking for the same person over and over again. If your target audience is yourself (as in age, sex, life) – then think about your own lifestyle – how do you personally find accounts that you love? What hashtags do you use? When are you online? What timezone are you in?

Overall, everything in here sounds easy to do and you might not see any effects in the first few days, but remember, consistency is the key.

PS: I have also made a blog post on 5 steps to the perfect Instagram post 🙂