#GoBinge on Stranger Things – Three Mobile UK

OMG, Go Binge has officially been released on Three Mobile UK which means I’ll have everything at my feet, and by everything I mean — TV shows and all of the popular music around the whole globe… and the best thing… YOU WON’T HAVE TO USE YOUR DATA.

A little background story – Three Mobile UK has partnered up with Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud to let you stream shows and music infinitely, anytime, without using up your mobile data – exclusively on the Three Mobile network.

How freakin’ amazing is that? Like… can you even imagine? THE FUTURE IS HERE, on Three Mobile.

To celebrate this, they’ve also challenged the customers to watch the first half of the new ‘Stranger Things’ season that on October 27th in just 72 hours!

After we’ll watch it, we can all go to their Livestream on The Wall of Comedy’s Facebook¬†and have a good ol’ convo with the hosts about the all-new ‘Stranger Things’.

I’m like so freakin’ excited right now because I’ve been waiting for this season for a very long time, just as you, probably.

So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s #GoBinge

Learn more about it at ThreeUK