The Worst Advice I’ve Heard About Blogging

These days everyone can start a blog, and that’s ok because it’s an amazing thing to do. However, not everyone starts as an expert and you or others may be looking for advice on Google, the place where you can find AMAZING free ideas.

That’s also where the fun begins because not everything is a good advice… and you can’t differentiate the good and the bad it if you’re a beginner. Below, I’ll share some of the worst bits of advice I’ve heard about blogging 🙂 

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# Nobody Cares About Your Websites Design

Your design IS VERY IMPORTANT especially if you are in an artistic, photography or architecture niche.

In my opinion, your website design, whether it’s free or not, shows your creative instincts. Some might say that the look of your blog doesn’t matter if you have amazing content.. however, that’s kinda false, especially in 2017.

Always opt for a design that draws peoples eyes to the content, one that’s not overwhelming. Think about a long blog post with pictures and breaks — and now imagine your website design that needs more empty white spaces strategically placed on the site meant to rest your reader’s eyes.

# No Long Posts

It’s true, people want a straightforward answer to their problem… Short texts with emojis or Twitter’s 280 characters limit. That’s why so many blogging gurus are recommending short posts. However, that’s kinda false.

The key is to write as straightforward as possible but always keep the ‘quality’ of the content so your reader digests the post the best. The word count doesn’t really matter as long as you get your point across.

If you are making long posts, always make sure to add breaks and images so the post won’t overwhelm the reader.

And also, long blog posts are supported by Google that resulting in more visitors that might be your new subscribers.

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# Free Images For Days

‘I guess I can use every image out there as I’m not a big blogger so they can’t sue me or something’ 

FALSE! Copyright infringement is not alright no matter what your blog size is. You always need to have the rights to what you put online. If you can’t take your own pictures, then make sure that the images you are using are royalty free that can be found on various sites like Pexels, Pixabay, iStock  etc.

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# One Platform Would Do

You’ll often hear about what blogging platform is best, Tumblr, WordPress or Blogspot. Don’t copy others people choices as that blogging platform might not be a good fit for you.

Think about your message and your audience — Taking Tumblr as an example, most of its users are in between 15 to 25 years old. If your target audience is the 30s – 40s, then no, Tumblr is NOT the best platform for you, I’d say, if you will.

There’s a lot of blogging platforms out there and it’s quite impossible to say which one is the best as it depends on what type of blog you want to create. Blogging is not like social media, your blog is your way of expressing yourself, your creative outlet. Choose a platform that reflects who you are and what your message is by using design, post length, images etc.

What is the worst blogging advice you’ve ever heard? 

Let me know in the comments below 🙂