How To Stay Creative During Winter

Winter is rough.

Creativity hits an all low during the winter, because, well… during the Summer, you are free to go everywhere and not have to worry about the sunset at 4pm or the extra clothes because it’s supposedly nice outside — However, during the winter you’re stuck inside your house most of the time and whenever you go out, you also have to mentally prepare for the cold weather.  It’s just depressing. 

There’s just a high inclination to just sit, chill and be frustrated because of it. However… you have to do some things to stay creative… not as creative as during the summer, but still creative enough to keep you going. 


Create To Do Lists

To-do lists are the best because they constantly keep you going and remind you of the things that you’ve got to do and prevent you from procrastinating because you know exactly what you’ve got to do. During the winter, you’re going to need this more than ever.

Seek Inspiration & Try Something New

As a creative, it’s always important to seek for inspiration and not wait for it to strike, if you want to stay on track. We’re so deep into our lives that we forget to enjoy them… so, take the plunge and go try something new, you never know what might come out of it — a new hobby or a new experience that could feed your inspo hunger.

Exercise & Eat Well

I say it everytime and at this point you might think that this is a basic — if you didn’t try, I highly recommend you to stay more active and try to eat more healthy. It’s not about your looks but also about your energy levels, your motivation, inspiration. By exercising, you produce those little happy hormones that keep you happy… and when you are happy, you are also productive, motivated and inspired. A walk, a run, some moves in your room… anything, just stay active!

Eating well, will keep your energy levels high and so your confidence.


Get a Daylight Lamp

So many of us struggle with this season affective disorder — so we’re basically becoming more sad, tired & unmotivated during the dark winter months just because of the fluctuating light levels.

Investing in this lamp that reproduces the natural light from the sun — will keep you more productive, alert and motivated. See on Amazon.

Ok so… winter is really going to take some of your creativity if you don’t stay on top of it using the tips above, some days are going to be harder than others so just don’t stress it out! You can only encourage your creativity and it will happen at some point, you can’t force it. 

Hope that you found my tips helpful! Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂