Trending Out Loud

Oh Geeze, if 2 years ago you would have told me that this past weekend will be the way it was I would have told you that you’re INSANE!

2018 started strong and Trending Influencers has been released officially with a workshop and a party.

So erm… what is it, or what they do?! Hang on.

Trending Influencers is a influencers agency powered by Global that brought together hundreds of influencers from across Romania, in one room, where we’ve all talked about social media, blogging, and life.

So I got this call and email that notified me about the event and I got super happy and anxious at the same time, especially because with that, they also asked me if I’m willing to speak in front of everyone about my own success on Instagram.

I was over the moon. 

I said yes… I called a good friend and asked him if he wants to come with me down to Bucharest as of I’m super nervous and I could use a second pair of eyes to help me improve my speech & also watch out for me.

He also said yes (thanks Mihai) — so we booked our flights, hotel and we were ready to go babyyy!

We hopped on the plane and off to Bucharest we were 😎

It didn’t take long until we landed as of I barely got to listen to 6 songs when they told us to prepare for landing… meh.


It’s also kinda funny that the way from the airport to the Bucharest city center took longer than the whole trip from Cluj to Bucharest. I always underestimated the traffic I kept hearing about, in Bucharest.

After we got in the city center, we went to the hotel, made ourselves comfortable and then we went to get some food. I was so hungry I got this headache that stuck with me for the rest of the day, ugh!

Now that my belly was full of yummy food + we had the rest of the day in our hands — we went to visit the Global Records office which wasn’t that far from us.

Had some coffee, some chit chat and, of course, I went over my speech as of I was about to talk in front of everyone the following day. In the office, there were 8 people listening to me and I was shaking like I just got done doing my legs workout twice on the same day.

At that point, I was even more nervous as of I wanted it to be perfect, as in informative & entertaining at the same time.

However, afterward, we went back to the hotel, had dinner + some TV and then I started repeating the speech over and over again… until me and my friend literally fell asleep.

Saturday – THE BIG DAY

Woke up, had a big ol‘ breakie and I started my way downtown to Joben Bistro Bucharest for the workshop.

The room was full of bloggers, Instagrammers, Internet celebrities and so on…

The workshop consisted of 3 panels in which the influencers could hear & learn from others, different strategies or info — Alexandra Hash (Trending Influencers Manager), Alina Cinciulescu (director of strategy at Global), Vlad Vaida (me me me woho yasss), Ionut Rusu Matei Dima (Bromania), Lucian Stefan (Founder of Global) and Alina Ceusan!

YESSSSS! I could say that one of my dreams came true because I was a speaker in front of a lot of AMAZING people + I got to share the panel about Instagram tips and tricks with the one and only, Alina Ceusan.

We’ve all learned & talked about strategies, trends, and of course, about the importance of each influencer’s opinion and how it’s a responsability.

After the workshop was over IT WAS FINALLY PARTYYYY TIME!

Now I was never really the kind of person that’s going to parties, but hey… it was the Trending Influencers release party and I HAD TO ENJOYYY IT!

So many of my favorite artists came on stage like Antonia, The Motans, Blacklist, La Famillia, Alex Velea… IT WAS INSANITY.

This was probably one of the best weekends of my life and when I had to say goodbye to all of the new people I met, I was really kind of sad.

But also, this weekend gave me energy and inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing and some extra.


Thank you so much for reading! This whole weekend was ‘Live’ updated on my Instagram stories so for any future events, follow me on social media to be the first who finds out!