Why You Should Start A Blog

Blogging is not all about people bragging about their fancy life or narcissism, IT’S REALLY NOT! Look a bit outside the box and test the waters to see how it goes. 

When you open a blog, you don’t really get to see what your benefits are until later on, however, if you’re looking forward a new hobby or if you’re bored with your life at the moment, learning how to blog is a next level skill that is worth it.

So, why you should open a blog today?

# New skill

Learning is something most of us do during school and that’s what keeps our brain fresh and going. However, after you’re done with school, blogging will make you learn a lot of new things that you will need, photo editing, coding, marketing strategies and so much more. Opening a blog will definitely keep your brain going as of there’s something new you learn every single day.

# You get a voice & confidence

You’ll probably feel pretty confused in your early blogging days, however, as the time passes, you will learn a lot of things about yourself including the ability to truly distinguish what you like and what you don’t, who you are or who you wanna be, your own style, and most importantly, your own voice. Your personal growth will skyrocket. You’ll discover new things and new talents you didn’t even know you’ve had before.

# More opportunities you don’t know about

As I was saying, when you start a blog, you don’t really get to see your benefits right from the very first day, however, there will be! So many great things can come out of nothing. You don’t need to wait for anyone to approve something you create in order to make something great happen. Also, who knows, your blog posts might be found life-changing by other people who read them.

# Giving back

Your experiences might help somebody. Whether you’re writing about Instagram tips or fashion, your perspective can still make a huge difference in other people’s lives.

Somebody told me once how my Instagram tips and feed have inspired them to go out and make better photos or how my blogging tips inspired them to open a blog which became their own actual career.

# Writing skills

Not everyone is a journalist or a blogger, however, I consider that developing your writing skills is crucial in 2018. We all connect through email or social media which is our world today, basically. Not everyone is a writer, but blogging will definitely help you develop your writing skills to a high point. As time passes and you keep writing, you’re also gonna find your style & tone in your blog posts.