5 Fitness Tips For 20 Something Men

Late night outings, crazy study schedules, you are young, you are constantly on the move. We understand and we won’t blame you. Fast paced lifestyle and sleepless nights are a frequent occurrence. Fitting in a fitness regimen is hard for you but you’ll want to do that considering that your body is surging with energy and vitality. When if not now? That’s why we prepared five useful fitness tips for you to help you along the way.

Devise workout routines you’ll love

Working out needs to be a fun activity, not a chore. If you want to succeed and make some progress in the gym, you have to come up with a plan filled by exercises you’ll enjoy. Of course, you can’t just do one or two exercises all the time, but, since there is a huge variety, you have the privilege of selecting those that seem appealing to you. Combine cardio and strength training. When you start making your workout schedule, remember that you need to vary cardio workouts and strength workouts. That way, you’ll build muscle and keep your heart healthy. We need to emphasize that strength training really gives your overall health a huge boost. It increases lean muscle mass, boosts metabolism, torches calories, eases back pain, helps you sleep, and even prevents diabetes. So, take these things into consideration when you start making your workout plan.

Increase water intake

It’s plain and simple – drink more water! Even though it sounds obvious, most people still don’t drink enough water regardless of how many times they read it on the Internet. And we won’t mention the figures now. Instead, we’ll show you a few tricks. For example, every time you check Instagram, chug some water. If you think that water is boring, add your own flavor to it. Do not use the flavoring agents you see in stores, go for something natural like lemon, watermelon chunks or orange slices. If you really want to amp up the taste, let it sit for a few hours in your fridge. Last but not least, use your phone to keep track of water intake. There are apps that will remind you when it’s time to drink up!

Work out at home

There are folks that simply can’t find the time to fit in a workout at the gym on some days. But that doesn’t mean that they should just give up. If you are one of those busy students or workaholics, consider investing in quality home gym equipment. For example, plan out your strength training days for the gym and leave cardio to your home treadmill. That way you’ll visit the gym on those not-so-busy days and you can stay at home when you have to study without missing a workout session. You could do sprints on your treadmill, they are quite good. Warm up by jogging for 10 minutes, then stand with a foot either side of the conveyor. Set the speed to a fast sprint (effort: 9 out of 10). Now hold the rails and jump onto the belt. Start sprinting and let go of the rails once you’re steady. Sprint for 30 seconds, then jump off and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat for 10 minutes. Voila, you have a quick exercise for a busy day.

Vary it up

Remember that your body will hit a plateau if you do the same thing over and over again. If you’re into lifting, don’t do it all the time. If you’re a runner, you don’t have to run all the time. It’s all about doing various cross-training activities each week. Hit the weight room for some strength training, do yoga, go for a hike. The options are numerous. Do whatever it takes to work your body in different ways throughout the week. Remember that you can add sports to the picture. A pick-up game of basketball can be a seriously good workout. You have to jump, run and squat. And that’s not easy, not at all. You’ll target more muscles than you can imagine.

Get some rest

This tip is quite important since many fail to see the importance of it. Embrace the rest day! Do not get into the habit of working out seven days a week, or even attempting to do so. Incorporate a rest day into your routine so your body has time to recover—or else you could seriously injure yourself, or in the least experience some diminishing returns from your workouts. Remember that even during those rest days, your body is making actual gains. We hope that you now realize how important recovery time is!


Author: Peter Minkoff