Men’s Guide to Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

Vest: Antonio Gatti UK

As we’re slowly approaching the warmest months of 2018, we’re pretty excited about going shopping and getting ourselves new fashion garments for the upcoming season. However, there’s a slight possibility that we don’t actually know what the trends will be this Spring and Summer, so why not check that out? Take a look at the biggest men fashion trends of Spring and Summer 2018:


#The shirt tuck

A couple of seasons ago, we were rocking extremely long t-shirts, paying homage to either the hip-hop scene, or to the band Years & Years. However, this season is going to see something totally different, and that is classical t-shirts (preferably polo ones, but it’s not a rule), slightly tucked into the pants. What you will also need for this nerdy look, apart from big confidence to wear, is a great statement belt that’s simple yet very elegant, and of course the ability to properly tuck the shirt.


Checks never really went out of style – they’ll probably be here longer than Betty White (and that’s practically impossible). Checks are making their way to the streetwear style as well, but let’s not forget checks on the classical suits that every man has to have. So, having this in mind, getting such custom suits sounds like an excellent idea. Make sure not to overdo it though, as the wrong type might make you look square. 

#Side-strap trousers

Even though the side-strap trackies were huge in the 90’s, somehow they found its way back for the upcoming season. The proof that the side strap trousers will be huge this season is the fact that almost all of the luxury designers such as Prada, Balmain or Valentino went totally mad about them. Be as it may, we’re very thankful, because it’s making the whole trend of athleisure even bigger and better.


The latest SS2018 will definitely introduce something new when it comes to athleisure. Having a good classic gym tank tops that’s comfortable, like the ones offered by Mint Athletic, is a way to go this season. If you want to be more fashionable, you should combine this with the new tonal dressing trend of wearing clothes of the same color. Of course, it would be wise to go with pastel hues in order not to look flamboyant.


We’ve probably spent hours mocking tropical t-shirts in the past. The whole pattern was somehow booked for the “fun guys” – you know, the guys who think they’re funny but actually aren’t. So basically, 2018 has something totally shocking in stores for us – the tropical pattern on tops. Louis Vuitton made this a must for this season, so next time you see a tropical top (either a t-shirt or a shirt), make sure to get it -if you want to be trendy, that is.


So, now you know what the biggest male trends the following season will be, so make sure to get everything you need in order to be the next fashion guru. Combine this with a great personality and a bit of confidence and there you go!




Author: Peter Minkoff