5 Helpful Hair Care Tips for Men

For a long time, no one paid much attention to the way men tend to their hair, not even most men. However, in this day and age, when we’re all becoming increasingly interested and invested in the way we present ourselves to the world, a great head of hair is a very important part of the appearance equation. Therefore, it’s time to take a minute, read up and follow our selection of the ultimate hair care tips. The list may be short, but minimalism is key. After all, you’ve got a life, so we won’t turn this into a Korean 12-step guide. Besides, you’ll realize that five good tips are better than a thousand average ones.

Know when it’s time

One of the crucial elements of good hair care is knowing when to go in for a trim. Your hair doesn’t endure as much heat in the styling process, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get damaged. If you’re trying to rock that pushed back James Dean look, it will not be achievable if your sides have overgrown or if you’ve noticed dry, split ends. Bonus tip: be very clear with your hairdresser about the look you want. Sometimes they can go rogue, so it’s always better to speak your mind. Another bonus tip: Your stylist is bound to be in the best mood in the morning, so make it a priority to be his first customer of the day.

Debunking the myth

Most commercials will tell you that the general rule of thumb is apply shampoo, wash, rinse and repeat. No, when you wash your hair, you’re also cleaning the scalp, and if your hair is squeaky clean, that is a sign that you’ve washed overzealously and possibly stripped your hair of the natural oils it needs. Now, while on the subject of shampoos, it’s absolutely best to stick to natural hair care products, shampoo included, as the natural ingredients won’t only provide nourishment and cleanliness but also be gentle on your scalp, which may not be your concern now, but it will be if you notice thinning. Avoid sulfates at all cost. Make sure you use the conditioner from the same line as the shampoo – this ‘duo’ approach is the most beneficial as the conflicting ingredients might confuse the hair. Also, avoid washing your hair every day, two to three times a week is more than enough, any more than that and you’re again stripping the scalp of those natural oils.

Go easy

Whatever your preferred choice of styling product is, be it hairspray or hair gel, pomade, wax, or any other, make sure to go easy on the amount of product you use. If you overdo it, you’ll end up looking like Ross from Friends, and if you know how badly he was mocked over the crunchiness and the greasiness, you’ll know what we mean. Besides the fact that going overboard with styling products won’t give you the flattering and nonchalant cool look you want, using them way too frequently and in large amounts can lead to thinning or even hair loss. By all means, avoid styling products that contain alcohol, these will make your hair dry and create split ends in no time.

Skip it

Whenever you can, try to avoid using the blow-dryer altogether. First, you’ll minimize the amount of damage caused by the heat. Secondly, you’ll avoid the freshly washed and dried frizz. Simply towel-dry (pat, don’t rub, to avoid breakage) your hair, comb it in the way you want to style it, and let it dry naturally. It will feel softer to the touch and be incredibly more manageable – hence, require less of your styling product.

Final pearls of wisdom

You know by now that your hair is only as good as your scalp. So, in order to help keep it nice and healthy, don’t be afraid to turn the knob to the cool side and wash your hair with lukewarm water. Steaming hot water is the main culprit of the ‘stripping of natural oils’ crime, and it can mess up your hair completely, even cause instant breakage. Lukewarm is the way to go. Follow these instructions to the letter, and we guarantee, your hair will stop traffic.  


Author: Peter Minkoff