5 Cool Items Every Blogger Should Own

Blogging is a cool way of working where you can write about things that may be relevant either to yourself or to your followers. Furthermore, you can earn extra money, because blogging is where all modern marketing tactics apply really well. Many people have already transformed their lives by writing exciting and informative content that’s read and shared by their followers.

In a word, blogging can be your new career path. If you already blog about something, then you know that this can sometimes be a lonely job. Bloggers spend hours brainstorming and summarizing their thoughts under the table lamp. Of course, it’s much easier if you’re updating your blog during a trip or on the beach, but that probably doesn’t happen too often.

That’s why every blogger tries their best to make blogging enjoyable and exciting. Sometimes your mood dictates the quality of your time spent working, but sometimes those cute little things around you can help you feel good while blogging.


#1 Coffee mugs
Isn’t it cool to have a few coffee mugs in different shapes and colors on the shelf next to your table?
You can wake up and decide which one to take. Mornings are fun only if you know how to enjoy them entirely. Have your favorite playlists ready to indulge in soulful tunes immediately upon leaving your bed. Pick the coffee mug that feels like the right one for that day and then prepare yourself a hot coffee.

Every blogger knows that waking up early in the morning helps you finish all tasks in due time, but that’s easier said than done. Luckily, coffee aroma never disappoints. Consider buying a few motivational coffee mugs. “Today is my day” or “You got this” will fuel you with the energy you need for the remainder of the day.

#2 Personalized notebook or journal

In spite of the fact that everything is digitalized these days, we all need a good old notebook, just in case.
Because bloggers usually know many people, they make sure to have their notebooks ready in every situation. You are likely to find stylish journals and notebooks in a store with unique gifts, and what’s cooler than having your name or initials printed on the cover?

Having your notebook or journal with you at all times will enable you to write down people’s numbers and email addresses, as well as all the important information you hear during meetings with your partners or fellow bloggers.


#3 Calendar and office supplies
While your smartphone probably has most of the things you need to remember, all the events and responsibilities (alarm, memo, and many other apps), a wall calendar is really one of the essentials of every office. And, if you are an experienced blogger, then you know that your room is much more than a place where you sleep. On the day you became a blogger, your room turned into your home office.

Try finding a wall calendar that’s big enough to allow you writing on it. Many times you’ll find using a wall calendar easier than typing on your phone.

Also, make sure to equip your home office with the necessary office supplies – pens, pencils, tape, paper clips, notecards, etc.

#4 DSLR camera

Provided that you already have all other electronics such as a desktop computer, a laptop, and a smartphone, what you might want to invest in is a digital SLR camera.

While a camera with a variety of lenses and possibly even a flip-out rotating screen might be really pricey, such investment will immensely benefit your blogging career.

Nowadays people prefer content that’s both informative and visually appealing. However, don’t be frustrated if you can’t afford it anytime soon, because your smartphone will help you make some pretty good photos in the meantime.


#5 Wall art
Use different paintings, pictures and frames to make the atmosphere of your home office warmer and more relaxed. You can even personalize your wall by adding photos of your family and friends, as well as your own photos. How about having motivational notecards attached to them? They’re going to help you stay motivated during days when you don’t really enjoy working. You can really play with many ideas.

Finally, you should add a few more things to your home office. Bloggers are (usually) pet lovers too. Having a dog or a cat playing near you can be therapeutic. Also, visit the flower market to find your favorite plants and flowers to decorate your room with. Finally, scented candles are must-have for every person who spends many hours working in a closed space.

Author: Peter Minkoff