Do’s & Don’ts of Birthday Party Planning

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who hate their birthday and the ones who like to celebrate this occasion with an outstanding bash. If you belong to the latter group, you are probably trying to make your birthday party better with each passing year. After all, you have set some high expectations and you need to show to your guests that you’ve still got it, even though you are one year older. Just as you are growing, the birthday parties are evolving, and they are much more than a cake with an appropriate number of candles (but who’s counting). So, if you want to make an unforgettable celebration of another milestone in your life, here are some do’s and don’ts of birthday party planning.

DO: Choose a venue before you do anything else

Choosing a venue for your birthday party is amongst the most important decisions you will have to make. Of course, this depends on how many guests are you having over and your budget. If you are throwing a summer or spring birthday party, outdoor is always a good idea because the ambiance is better, and you’ll have less cleaning up to do. If you want to throw a party at home, consider how your neighbours could react to the loud music, noise, etc.

DON’T: Over-expand your guest list

Remember that colleague who worked with you a couple of years ago and you went to his birthday party the year before, but haven’t talked to him since? Do you really need him at your celebration? Invite the people you enjoy spending time with and who create positive vibes together.

DO: Decorate

Birthday decorations are not just for little kids. There are tons of ways to make the atmosphere even better by setting up something more mature than Mickey Mouse balloons. You can go for some classic choices like floral, black&white, string lights, or glitter, or you can decorate according to the party theme, but more on that later.

DON’T: Skip the sweets

Many adults tend to go straight to business: to finger foods and alcohol, but you have to admit that we are all still excited when somebody takes out the birthday cake. It doesn’t even have to be a cake. You can go with something more unconventional, such as muffins or macaroons. Or, if you want to be truly revolutionary, rent an ice cream van and serve your guests with delicious ice cream and sorbet.

DO: Pick a theme

A party theme can be your guide for decorations and music. Some of the typical ones are a Hawaiian luau, The Great Gatsby-inspired Art Deco party, and a cosplay event. Of course, you can opt for something meaningful for you and you’re friends. If you are binge-watching a TV show together, for example, you can use it to impress them. Just imagine Game of Thrones-inspired snacks, music, and decorations. Winter surely is coming.

DON’T: Be the chef, waiter, and entertainer

Money is a huge consideration when throwing any kind of party. If there is one thing you shouldn’t try to save on that is hiring the staff. If you have to prepare all the food and decorations before the guests arrive, you will be too tired to have fun. If you have to juggle serving food, playing music, and spending time with your friends, the party will turn out to be a disaster. As a host, you have one duty, and one duty alone, and that is to spend valuable time with your friends.

A party organized by these “rules” will be a story to be retold and remembered for years, but still, don’t forget to take a lot of photos (photo booth, anyone?), post them on Instagram, and share them with your friends. Have a blast!