Men’s Fall Style Guide for 2018

You like fashion, but lack the time to keep up with the ever-changing trends? No worries, we have scanned the runways this fall and now bring you the latest trends in men’s fashion.

#Bright colors

The season might be grey, windy, and gloomy, but the fashion will not reflect this. Bright colours are a hit this season, as designers have boldly mixed yellow with orange, light blue with tacky green. Especially shiny are the pullovers which are adorned with flower-like patterns, woven with even brighten shades of all colours. If you brought back a souvenir from a summer holiday, let’s say a T-shirt from Australia’s Bondi beach, now is the time to wear it in public.

#Business Buttons

When it comes to a more formal attire, “button” is the word. Business suits are becoming evermore casual, but this trend seems to have missed one tiny detail. Buttons are still in the vogue as jackets still use them to hide the tie underneath them. Such suits are easily custom made because of their simple design. With the world as your playground, look up to classy Aussies who order tailored suits from Barangaroo. Keeping up with global trends means that you have to look beyond your region for inspiration.


We mentioned that vivid colours are a hit, but some designers have taken it too far. They have verbatim copied the workwear of traffic policemen or emergency service workers. The yellow and the orange literally “scream” when lit in the dark. In their defence, these colours are applied only on small patches placed on knees or shoulders.

#Not everything has changed

So far, we have mainly focused on formal wear which has changed the most. Clothes for the weekend have not changed much, a hoodie and chinos are still fashionable. Add sneakers of a bright colour with a flat bottom and a square rucksack and you get the ideal casual combo.

#Sporty nineties

Sportswear has experienced a return to the past and the trends from the 1990s. The nostalgia for this decade becomes tangible this fall as major brands from that era are living through a renaissance. Champion, Diadora, Fill and Ellesse shops are springing up all over the place, bringing back their much-loved products. The texture of these clothes has become smoother and they appear to be a single piece, both the shirt and the shorts. So take that old stripy tracksuit from your closet, it is hip once again. Especially interesting is the return of the bucket hat. It is made of nylon and usually comes in a single colour, most commonly black.

#Brown is the colour

Although this season is a festival of colours, there is one shade that seems to stand out, as is the case each year. The magic word is brown, and all shades of it. We have seen models wearing an all-brown outfit. Wearing numerous shades of one colour may seem dull at first sight, but the combination is a bomb, trust us. Brown is also associated with extreme weather conditions. When it rains, you should wear a camel trench coat with a belt. The belt should be, you’ve guessed it, brown as well.
Men’s fashion this fall has stayed the same and changed radically, both at the same time. Casual remained casual, but dressing for work will never be the same. The look is so bold that those who opt for it will be true trendsetters, following the futuristic vision of the designers.



Author: Helen Bradford