5 Life Skills Every 20-Something Man Should Know

Being a guy in your twenties means you’re ready to take the world by storm – you’re young, vibrant, full of positive energy and great ideas. This is your time to shine and realize all your potentials. However, in order to make the most of your talents, you have to know how to behave and what to do in certain situations. In other words, you need a couple of useful life skills that will help you lead a nicer and more comfortable life. If you’re still unsure what some of these things may be, here are five essential life skills every man in his twenties should know.

#Tie a tie

You may not be the most elegant or classy guy on the block, or attend formal events regularly, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to tie a necktie. This is something all men should be familiar with because you can never know when you’ll need this sort of skill in your life. After all, neckties simply make you look more elegant, whether you attend a wedding or go to the theatre.
There are several ways to master this skill – ask your dad or uncle to help you, watch a YouTube clip or follow instructions on the Internet. Start with small first and perfect just one knot – most people start with the Windsor knot because of its elegance and simplicity – before moving onto the others.

#Pick the right suit

Again, you may not be the biggest fan of suits, but you simply have to have at least one in your closet and wear it on special occasions. From birthday parties to formal gatherings, suits are a must, and as you get older, the casual look will become less and less appropriate, so start getting accustomed to a suit as soon as possible.
Of course, you don’t need to buy the most luxurious and expensive suit you can find, nor should you throw away all the clothes you own now, but find a balance. Just like with the ties, start with just one suit and see if it works for you. You can still remain loyal to your jeans and shirts, but at least consider wearing a suit from time to time, and you’ll look classier than ever.

#Make a cocktail

Drinking beer is quite all right for lots of twenty-something dudes, but it’s just not the right drink if you’re approaching your thirties and trying to appear older, wiser and more serious. That’s why you might want to start exploring other drinks as well, from wines to cocktails, and find your next favorite.
If you enjoy cocktails more than anything else, you can also learn how to make them – it’s not that hard actually, and this skill is neither particularly technical nor too time-consuming. All you need to do is find a few tasty recipes, learn how you can get Archie Rose gin online, and then ask all your friends to help you perfect your mixes. Trust us, they won’t mind at all – on the contrary, they’ll be more than happy to be your test audience!

#Cook a meal

You can’t be expected to come up with amazing cocktails night after night and still know nothing about cooking the right dish the next morning. Most young men don’t like cooking and opt for fast food choices instead, but this is probably the worst thing for their health and budget. So, start exploring the world of cooking, and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find there.
Once again, the key is starting small – learn how to cook just a few simple dishes and stick to them until you’re ready to move on. Chicken thighs combined with rice or pork burgers in a bun are simpler than you think, and they’ll keep you well-fed too. Moreover, the people around you will appreciate your cooking skills as well, so you’ll become more popular than ever just because you know what you’re doing behind the stove.

#Get a proper shave

Whether you prefer shaving every single day or sporting a beard, you need to know what you’re doing when you’re holding a razor. The chances are you’ve already learned that, but accidents can happen and you can make a mess in just a few seconds without realizing it.
That’s why it’s important to know how to shave your face properly and understand why shaving is so important for your skin in general. Start using moisturizers and creams daily, and you’ll notice a positive change after just a week or two.

Naturally, there are lots of other skills you should master in your twenties, but don’t try to do them all at once. Take your time, don’t rush into anything and perfect your skills slowly – in no time, you’ll master them and enjoy your newly acquired knowledge day after day.



Author: Peter Mikoff