5 Blogger Tips for Instant Success

You know how in the 90s everyone wanted to become a movie or a music star? Well, times have certainly changed, and even though there is plenty of small children who still want to become celebrities in the future, the profession of a blogger is definitely one of the most wanted ones. And it’s for a good reason as well – it doesn’t only allow you to actually write and talk about the things you like, but it can also be a great source of income, especially if you’re successful. But how does one become a successful blogger? Have you tried and failed as you didn’t reach enough people? Take a look at the following tips as they will tell you where you went wrong, and also give you a couple of insights if you’re still to embark on this journey.

1. Writing skills on point
If you want to be a good blogger, the main weapon that you should use is good writing. Being a blogger is a bit different than the job of a vlogger, and not everyone can be one. So what can you do in order to achieve this? If you think you’re a good writer, then well done, your job is halfway done. However, if you have difficulties writing or you think this is not up your alley, you can always find inspiration browsing through different blogs that are similar to the one you imagined for yourself. Your blog readership will greatly depend on the way you write, and the good thing is that you don’t have to write like an expert, but rather be interesting, witty and engaging.

2. Discipline is the key

Just like it’s the case with any other job, discipline really is the key. It doesn’t matter that you’re doing the things that you love and it’s practically your hobby (at the moment), you really need to be consistent and actually follow a certain plan. For example, pick the best time of the day for writing writing your posts. For example, you can wake up, go outside and do your shopping for the day, pick a pick a cup of the strongest coffee in the USA that you can find, and come back home full with energy ready to nail that blog post. Others, however, are night owls who think they work best at night. So, choose your daily routine and stick to it. Speaking of plans…

3. A little planning never killed nobody
It might not be your business yet, but perhaps one day it will be, so it’s time for you to start running it like it is. Having a plan is important in every single aspect of life, and blogging is no different. Make sure that you use all the best apps (if you’re tech-savvy) or a nice notebook or planner to plan in advance all of your blog posts and thus create a small calendar that you will follow. It just doesn’t do to post something, make a one-month break and then spam all of your readers with more articles. Be organized – allocate two days a week during which you will be posting more content, that way your readers will exactly know what to expect.

4. Don’t be all over the place
This is something that should be done before you start posting any content – think about your audience and target it wisely. This will greatly depend on the actual theme of your blog and the type of posts you will be publishing, but make sure to target your readers properly. Don’t be all over the place with the posts – if beauty is your topic, make sure that most of your posts are beauty-related, and if technology is the thing you’re passionate about, don’t post content that has nothing to do with technology as it can make you lose your readers who are not interested in reading other things on your blog.

5. The power of Instagram

You can have the prettiest and best blog of all, if you don’t use the power of Instagram you will never reach your full potential. Instagram is the greatest advertising platform at the moment, and you need to use this in order to grow your audience.

Being a blogger is an interesting job, but it is quite demanding and it requires a lot of hard work. Luckily, it involves all the topics and things you are interested in, so making sure you grow your blog and become successful should not come difficult to you. Good luck!



Author: Peter Minkoff