How to Extend and Improve the Quality of Your Life

In today’s world of instant gratification, instant coffee, and de-alcoholized Irish coffee, everything is built so that it can be enjoyed on the spot.
Long term engagements and plans are rarely pursued and it’d be fair to say that the populace, in general, seems to experience a dire lack of stamina. Whether it’s finishing up a school project in one go or following through with your diet, committing to a just cause simply doesn’t seem to be interesting or rewarding enough.

Just how far this generation will make it thinking like this remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – overindulgence and disregard for personal well-being is surely not a way to go.
In this article, we’ll propose to you some solutions that can help you embrace a new sort of mindset that’s oriented around longevity. You may as well call it a ‘gritty’ mindset. It’s about running a marathon rather than a sprint, really.
Alright, folks here’s the deal.
What Routines You Can Take up to Extend Your Life

#Quit Smoking

Here’s an idea that can act as a form of consolation to an avid smoker who wants to quit but just feels too bad without cigarettes.
Nowadays, there’s no pure tobacco and big companies are stuffing their cigarettes with chemicals that will make you dependent and drive you crazy and make you cry the bitter tears!
There you go, you’re welcome.
No, but seriously, smoking can chomp down the quality down you spend on this Earth and make all of your days seem the same. Also, you’ll smell of cigarettes and constantly be in need of them if you don’t quit.
Quitting is happiness. Not quitting means pain.
#Discard Sedentary Lifestyle and Work Out

According to some studies, sitting at your computer or elsewhere for prolonged periods of time can be just as damaging to your organism as smoking, if not worse!
The thing is, people who sit for hours on end without stretching or getting up every now and then at least, risk getting hemorrhoids, developing a poor heart beating patterns, and even early death. Naturally, the best countermeasure to a sedentary lifestyle is an active one.
To make sure you’re getting enough physical activity, make sure to dedicate a couple of hours a day to sunlight, working out, and walking about. Another option would be to take up a new sport. Recreational basketball can work, for example.
If you think basketball is too much running, then maybe golf can be your activity of choice. Well, in case you do decide to go for golf, you can check out some training videos at Swing Eagle. (They’re a company that helps rookies get the basics of the game of golf.)


Working every day can often leave you with little time to spend on hygiene and tidying up your living quarters.
This, of course, inevitably means your work desk, bathroom, pantry, garage, and other rooms will become cluttered and if you don’t address the issue early on, you might even loaf your chore time right into becoming qualified for one of those TLC hoarders shows where they depict living conditions from hell and mental illnesses from the depths of Beelzebub’s lair!
Not all is bleak, of course, as setting aside some time in your schedule you can dedicate to battling this should do the trick just fine.
The nasty thing about clutter is that it takes away the sense of order and effectiveness, which can hamper your work day’s progress, especially if you work from home.

#Have a Goal

This may not seem directly connected to extending your life, but it actually is more relevant than you think.
The thing is, having a clear and realistic goal for the future has massive benefits for your mental well-being, as it gives you a straight course and the necessary motivation to get the job done.
Once you’ve pinpointed a goal, it’ll be easier for you to pursue it and invest your energy in it. What’s more, if your goal includes some sort of learning, you’ll have a lesser chance of developing dementia later on in life!

All things considered, in the chaotic, fast-paced world of today, it’s easy to lose your focus and start drifting off out in the open sea, so to speak. Therefore, it’s important you give your best to pursue a lifestyle that will not only make you live longer but also help you enjoy your time while you’re here!