Do What You Love Comfortably – HUMANIC

And here we go again…

As I write this, my Spring Break is over and I’m probably dreading to do anything, especially because this is my senior year in college and I’m already d e a d, WOHO (sort of woho but you got the point).

This spring break was a bit more different than the rest, I mean, every spring break is different from one another. But we are used to having one thing that stays the same, which is the vibe. Kinda like Christmas, every Christmas has different activities but the vibe stays the same.


I have actually never felt this excited and enthusiastic about a vacation since probably high school.

6am. Friday morning. The alarm goes off, ‘ALEXA, STOP!!!’

It was perfect! It felt just like in middle school. I went to classes and I was so excited to learn and do educational things (because I knew I won’t have to do much for the next 2 weeks… even if I had to do way too many things, there was no pressure). The gym session after classes was probably one of the most energetic ones I’ve had in a while, gotta get those extra endorphins.

I could finally do everything without feeling pressure! so I went to Humanic to get myself a new pair of shoes because you gotta have that extra comfort when doing the things you actually love. You know it. #DoWhatYouLoveComfortably


And I did good. Got me some new Adidas which are absolutely amazing (and some socks because socks are nice)! Thanks Humanic for the nice Easter gift.

And of course, that following this day… It kept on raining on and on for the rest of the vacation.

But that didn’t stop me from doing what I love (and I did it comfortably thanks to these new beast shoes).



Remember how in the beginning I mentioned that the vibe of this vacation was really different from the other Spring Breaks?

I think that rain played a major role as well. You know how we look for excuses when we feel a bit blue — that is my excuse this time, the rain brought up some really sad vibes over everyone. And that is actually the first time when it rained so much during vacation *sad reacts only*

Rain, sun, snow — regardless of the season, make sure that you do what you love. Comfortably.